Summer Intensive Tango Seminar 2019 – V3.0

Hola!! Here you will find all the information related to the 3rd Summer Intensive Tango Seminar (SITS) with Sofía Saborido and Pablo Inza. The 2019 edition will be held from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th August in Italy .

When we travel to teach abroad we always wish we had more time to share our ideas with the students and many times we feel we cannot go deeper into each subject as we would like. This is the reason why we conceived this intensive seminar. Our ideal « teaching situation » is to have one same group for a fair amount of hours to be able to develop some key ideas that may help students to explore another layer of the dance.

For this edition we’ve found an idyllic venue that was specially conceived for tango: Living in the middle of the countryside an Italian tanguera decided to build a dreamed dance room in the backyard of her house. You will experience the pleasure of dancing over a delightful parquet, in a room full of natural light thanks to its sliding ceiling and windows that make you feel as if you were literally in the middle of the meadows. The venue has a swimming-pool that will be available for the participants every day, as well as a variety of chill-out areas spread in the garden and even a skate park for those who fancy some sport! During the seminar you will have private classes, daily group classes and practicas.

Come and make part of this unique week that offers an intensive study seminar to give quality to your dance, working gradually and thoroughly in a magnificent location.

Photo Ishka Michocka

Why this seminar? Our philosophy. What to expect from the classes. Highlights of the 2019 edition.

The full program. The seminar schedule, classes, practicas, milongas and other activities

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General information about the area. Nearest airport. How to get here. Maps. Public transport. Where to stay. Locations and addresses.

Need help? Find partner for the seminar, hotel room sharing, share a ride, etc. Post your comment on the FB event.

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FIESTA DEL ABRAZO! The After-Seminar! Milongas Non Stop during the weekend! After the hard work let’s dance with the best DJs, in the never-to-be-forgotten party! Open to everybody